Full Service General Contractor & Construction Manager

Inherent Commercial is a full-service General Contractor & Construction Management company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

We utilize our expertise to provide a turn-key solution for Owners in order to ease the burden of construction projects which allows them to focus on their core business. All of our work aims to improve the quality of life for our clients, project partners, and the communities where we live and work.



Built on relationships.

Can we build big buildings and transform existing ones? Of course, and we love those projects. That said, our vision is to never outgrow the smaller jobs that keep us humble and earn someone’s trust. We keep our team small so we don’t create barriers and each one of us is as accessible to you as possible. The construction process is not simple. However, our job is to simplify it for you.



Meet the folks who make Inherent a team

Things are taking shape as steel goes up at Fairway Mortgage’s new regional headquarters in Fishers, Indiana.

Owner/Developer | Rebar Development
Architect | @axisarchitecture
Civil Engineer | @kimleyhorn
MEP Engineer | Circle Design Group
Structural Engineer | Lynch, Harrison, & Brumleve, Inc.

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Happy Work Anniversary Adam!! 👏🏼

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Have you ever wanted to tour a modular construction factory❔

We have been working with Volumod for some time now and have watched their facility transform over the last couple years. We recently toured it again and it was amazing to see their modular construction factory up and RUNNING.

Our client @renewingmgmt is developing a multifamily community with Volumod’s modular product on the south side of Indianapolis. We are preparing the site/infrastructure in addition to the site constructed foundations so that the site is prepped and ready for the units to be delivered and set on the foundations.

Owner: @renewingmgmt
Design / Engineering : @landworx_eng, R3B Architecture, Imhoff Engineering, Inc.
Product: Volumod’s Pre-designed Multifamily
Project : Alder Woods Apartments
Units : 117

We’re looking forward to seeing this one come to fruition and will keep the updates coming as they roll in!

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🎂 Did you think we were going to let your bday that fell over the weekend slip by?!

Happy Bday (yesterday!) Ian Brown!

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Inherent crew! 🦃

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🍝“Everybody loves pasta, it’s not going anywhere.” - Chris Marra, Angelo’s Owner

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Getting ready to kick off the build out of Angelo’s Italian Market in downtown Fishers.

👀 Keep an eye out for progress updates.

Owner : Mike & Chris Marra @eatangelospasta
Architect : Heartland Design
GC : Inherent Commercial

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Thank you @veritasrealty for letting us hang at your broker open house last night at the Red Line Flats in Broad Ripple💥

We’ve had a blast working on this project from preconstruction to construction and now getting to the point where we’ll soon hand over the keys 🔑

Events held at construction sites are right in our wheelhouse 🤩 and we loved seeing folks from the industry get a sneak peak of what will be one of the best retail/commercial spaces in the area 👏🏼

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It's been a fun last few years hanging out with this guy ⬆️ ...Happy 3️⃣ year work anniversary Tony 😀

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Happy we were able to help support @uli_indiana’s mission for our local district council!

Posted @withrepost • @uli_indiana Thank you to all of our speakers for today’s Signature Breakfast Event, “Increasing Housing Attainability” and to @inherentcommercial for sponsoring!

Pictured left-right: Kenny Dennison, Audit Director, at Dauby, O'Connor & Zaleski, LLC; Chris Ptomey, Terwilliger Center, ULI; Samantha Spergel, Director of Real Estate Strategic Initiatives and Engagement, Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority; Ryan Scott, President, Volumod; Dawn Lindsey, Director of Real Estate Development, Intend Indiana; Vincent Ash, Vice President of Real Estate Development at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation; Lisa Laflin, Executive Director, West Indianapolis Development Corporation; and Greg Looney, Founder/Principal for Inherent Commercial.

It has to get messy 💥 before it gets pretty 🤩

Working on a new home for the Arthur Dean Family Foundation at 39th and College 👌🏼

Owner | Arthur Dean Family Foundation
Architect | @dkgrar
CM | @inherentcommercial

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Started pushing dirt at one of our new project sites last week 🤩 🚜

🎥 | @topshotaerialphotos

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