Whether we are developing a budget for your project or creating a solution to an issue amidst your project, our team is committed to being flexible, transparent, accessible, and honest. That’s our niche.

Most likely, our entire team will touch your project without you even knowing it. We work as a cohesive unit to deliver a realistic budget, great service, and a quality project. Check out our services to understand how we can help you.

Pre-construction | Estimating

“First ones in and the last ones out” is the role we like to play. There are numerous unknowns in the infancy stages of any project. We help uncover obstacles that could be major issues down the road and advise on next steps.

The market drives the price of materials and labor. As your general contractor, we control what we can. We help you:

  • Assemble a team
  • Advise on the cost of designs
  • Uncover current issues or obstacles
  • Set realistic budgets
  • Devise your schedule
  • Provide a custom proposal so you can make the best decision for your business and your investors.
Project Management | General Contracting

Your project manager will be one of the first people you meet from our team. They operate with a solution mindset to address issues that arise, keep you informed, and keep the project moving forward until it is complete.

From a nuts and bolts perspective, your project manager will:

  • Manage the bidding process
  • Manage vendor selection
  • Manage project budget
  • Manage project schedule
  • Execution of the day to day operations and construction
  • Create cohesion within the team
  • Establish preferred communication avenues
  • Create a communication schedule to keep everyone involved on the same page.
Owner Representation

There are two kinds of owner’s representation services. We offer both options and help you decipher which is a best fit for your project.


  • CM-Agent acts as an agent to the owner
  • CM-Agent’s only contract is with the owner
  • CM-Agent holds no contracts with trade companies (ie. electrical, plumbing, paint, etc.)
  • Serving owner’s interests exclusively throughout project
  • Quarterback entire team
  • Research, recommend, and hire (but do not contract with) design team, local general contractor, subcontractors, etc.
  • Evaluate industry form contracts to utilize Manage day-to-day construction operations
  • Project Management Method


  • Guarantor of (legally responsible for) project being delivered on time and within budget
  • Holds contracts with trade companies (responsible for their pay and schedules)
  • Holds contract with another GC when the situation deems appropriate
  • Project Delivery Method