Line + Form Art Center
commercial | build out
1,500 sf
Services | General Contractor
Site Location

902 E 17th Street
Indianapolis, IN

Project Type

Adaptive Reuse
Commercial Buildout

Line + Form Art Center is a community arts center providing Indianapolis with unique process-based classes, camps, outreach, parties + more. Owner Frances Samarripa started the studio in Irvington but quickly outgrew the space as word spread about her art center and involvement in the community.

To more centrally serve her clients (some coming from Bloomington!) Fran moved her studio to 17th and Bellefontaine. The original structure consisted of the “pagoda” on the south end of the property. Construction consisted of renovating this original structure and adding on everything from the front door heading north. Ultimately we were able to bring Fran’s vision for the space to life and it is now a staple in the thriving Kennedy King Neighborhood.