I am a native of Iowa and Nebraska (hence the 402 area code on my phone and the Husker sticker on my vehicle) but have lived in Brownsburg for over 10 years now. I have two children (Cameryn and Crew) in the Brownsburg school system and am a total sports dad – most weekends involve some sort of teen and youth sporting event. I do try to get some fishing in when not at the gym/park/football field. Nothing better than getting outside for some walleye and smallmouths.

Pre-construction management is a new venture for me after 30 years of higher education and I am excited about it. I coached college basketball for 20 years including 10 years as the head coach at my Alma Mater Doane University before moving to Indiana and teaching/coaching at Roncalli High School. While at Roncalli, my summer months were filled working for AFV Electrical which does give me some perspective on how construction projects are handled as well as a short stint in the commercial roofing industry as an inspector.