Delivery Method

Educate clients on contract options to determine which agreement is best suited for the project (ie. lump sum, cost plus, cost plus with a guaranteed max, etc.)


Communication is the cornerstone of all successful projects.  This is done through daily calls & emails, weekly updates, and O/A/C (Owner/Architect/Contractor) meetings which are all streamlined through our use of Procore.


Coordinate long lead time materials to ensure there is timely delivery of materials and manpower. Coordinate Owner’s vendors and suppliers, provide daily, weekly, and/or monthly schedule updates, and track design team deliverables through lean construction principles.


Quality checks start at the submittal process and continue with pre-installation meetings, field constructed mockups, field checks of installed items, and management of a rolling punch list (we don’t wait until the end to punch your project).

Safety Management

Ensure that all personnel on site have a safe environment to work in and perform their work to the highest safety standards. We work with a consultant to perform random safety audits, PPE management, and continuous review of our safety manual and processes.  Safe jobsites are more productive and avoid costly delays.

Procurement (Material and Manpower)

Mitigate risk through selection of responsible subcontractors, stay current with material and manpower availability, and perform detailed scope review to ensure a steady flow of activities on the construction site.